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Consistency is the key to attaining results. This is a truism in life that applies to both your physical activity and healthy eating. People often ask me how I have obtained my physique or how am I able to say no to a piece of cake at an office party? The answer is simple, because I have created a routine that has become habit and habits are hard to break, even good ones.

If you plan on reaching a goal, whether it is to lose 10 pounds or create that six pack, you will not be able to achieve the desired result by eating healthy twice a week or attending the gym on Saturdays alone. The best part about each new day is that it is a fresh slate. If you ate too much the night before or skipped out on your workout, do not be discouraged, a new day is a new start and you can get right back on your plan and continue. This will determine how fast your results are achieved.

So often I hear people complain that they gave up or stopped trying because they over ate at one meal or missed a day at the gym. Usually this happens right when they were about to make the gains that would push them to the next step. That one missed day can be a terrible fall into lethargy for the plan they have set. The worst part about this missed day is that it often becomes a week, becomes a month and all of a sudden the plan is no more and the gains that were made are lost. It’s always hardest right before the change takes hold.

If you can make it through each day increasing your measure of success, whether a meal of fewer calories or taking a quick walk because you missed the gym, this is still better then conceding defeat and doing nothing at all. Trust me, your body will respond and the fact that you even made the conscious decision to do something, instead of passing until the next day, will put you that much closer to a habitual routine and therefore your desired results.

Enjoy today and remember, whether it’s a healthy eating plan or your workout, take it all the way!

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