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My Personal Story

I have always been rather athletic, but terribly skinny. As life progressed the weight started to strap on, unfortunately not in the places I wanted or as the type of weight I wanted. 

I did what everyone does. I read the fitness magazines, all of them! I performed all their crazy exercises, all the time. I followed their ever changing diet plans. I was working isolated muscles, group muscles, supersets, total body, 8 sets, 10 sets, pyramids, you name it. I was there. I jumped on the diets. I was eating massive quantities, rotating quantities, high protein, low-carb, medium everything, no eating after 6, no eating upon waking, eating while walking backwards. You get the idea. 

What did all this get me? 

Zip, nada, nothing! This is what all that work and alleged professional advice could provide me? It seemed ridiculous. True, some people can jump in the gym and put on mass. I unfortunately did not have one of those body types that responded in that way. Poor me. 

The Change

I doubled down. I gave up on all the random advice and unsupported info. I started looking to my body for the answers. Just as some people respond to particular medicines that others don't, so goes the response of the body to exercise. 

I went through just about every study on diet and exercise I found relevant. I read all the material from everyone I considered to be an expert on the body from training to movement. I came across lots of information contrary to what was being spread in fitness magazines, by alleged authorities and common knowledge.

I put this information into practice and tweaked it to my own personal needs. I began using it with others. What I found was inspirational. Not only were people able to lose weight and gain lean muscle but they did so without living through periods of starvation, suffering the terrible effects of low calorie diets and fatiguing workouts.

The answer all along wasn't to work harder but to work smarter. No surprise there. The body wanted certain things I wasn't giving it in order to respond and it wasn't more work or less food. It was simply the right formula for the body based on basic biology and physiology.

The Results

In short order things fell into place. Eating became more about fuel necessity rather than mindless eating. I didn't have to throw out everything I enjoyed. I simply had to tweak my dietary habits around certain eating. After reaching my goals maintenance allowed me even more leniency in what I decided to eat. It is not uncommon, these days, for me to eat an entire pizza during the week with cake or chocolate and other niceties every night. Certain things were adaptable, and surprisingly similarly tasting, to the things I had loved before.

The outcome?

I now hover around 9-10% body fat at 150lbs. I can swing that if I choose but my body prefers this weight and percentage. If I choose to gain the eating has to increase significantly and it becomes uncomfortable. Maintaining that increase also becomes a chore. If I wish to cut further, say to 6%, I do have to get quite strict with my eating, but whats the point? This is a great look with no hassle. Why fight what is natural? This is where the majority of the human bodies would not only like to be, for egos sake, but would prefer to be from a biological standpoint.

Yes, somethings are off limits. Its not that I can't eat them periodically, but if I do it goes against me staying in this condition. These aren't surprising items either. Sodas, candies, etc. These things have very little to offer in terms of nutrition anyway and most everyone knows they will destroy biohealth markers and hormone homeostasis. This isn't anything you haven't heard from any Dr or health/fitness book so it shouldn't be a turn off to following what I dish.

The question is, are you ready? Do you want to get where your body would prefer to be anyway from a functional/health standpoint? Do you want to have the body you see in magazines and fought to attain with no success because you were given the wrong information since childhood? If so, lets get started. Follow the buy paypal button at the top of All The Way Fitness home page and purchase the consult you think will help you most. I can get you there as you will see from the ongoing success stories I will begin posting. The science and biology of the body are clear on the matter of how this works. This is not new. Im simply giving it to you at a fraction of the price of a trainer who knows nothing of all this. The same trainers and nutritionists who get their dietary and fitness advice from the very sources I attempted to utilize before I took a peek through the looking glass.

Enjoy the benefits. Stop wasting time, effort, and your money. Get started and don't look back!


500-600 Calorie Diets, Muscle Loss Imminent

Thor is going the starvation route! OK, so 500-600 calorie crash diets were used decades ago to help the morbidly obese. Yes, people lost weight but in the process the body ate as much muscle mass as possible to keep the system up and running. After numerous deaths these went the way of the dinosaur and for good reason.

There is a goal in mind here. He is preparing for a new role and needs to drastically reduce the weight. While Chris Hemsworth's will is clearly stronger than others its interesting to note what we were given as some of his daily eating.

1. Couple salads a day.
-We don't get much more info then that but have to assume its loaded with the daily veggies he would need to maintain nutritional levels of vitamins and minerals.
-My hope is that it has at least some fatty dressing, olive oil, nut oil or other healthy oils in order to allow for the absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, E, D, and K. Without the fat, he will eventually run into problems.

2. Some kind of protein.
- I would hope this is some form of fatty beef or fish so as to up that fat intake further. Yes, the calories go up, which is what he is trying to be careful of. However, the fat satiates and due to its low stimulation of insulin won't pack on the weight, especially with his extremely low calorie count. FYI, insulin itself is not a marker for fat storage but a caloric surplus plus high insulin secretion will get you there (ie high fats + high carbs).

There you have it. Stars starving for work. Unfortunately we read all the time of stars simply stuffing themselves with fat free diets to reduce the weight for parts. Wolverine consumed copious amounts of chicken, Ryan Reynolds consumed copious amounts of turkey, etc.

Ill give them this, they are committed. They are able to "will" themselves through these tough starvation diets and likely suffer some unpleasant side effects due to reduced dietary fat intake they don't associate with same. Supplementation is likely a huge part of these diets we hear little about.

Its my opinion that for these extreme diets it would be best to supplement the greens (or keep the salads) and focus strictly on the protein. Keeping the fat at half the dietary protein would be ideal to make sure the protein isn't being spared for lean tissue. This will still occur with these extremely low calorie intakes but the energy has to come from somewhere and if not from carbs and not from fat, it will come from protein and therefore the muscle. In this severe state if we are looking at 80g of protein and 40g of fat, Chris would be hovering around 600-700 calories. A bit higher than he wants but will no doubt bring him down to where he is attempting to go. This would be far superior to the 300 calories he is getting from salads. If his goal is to remain lean but not lose all the muscle and health he currently has he should supplement the vitamins/minerals or get some green drinks loaded with veggie goodness for less than 100 calories. This way he is just focusing on the basics, protein and fat. This is not something to maintain for any period of time, especially while training.

As I continue to point out, its not that these methods of high protein, low fat don't work, its that people are succeeding IN SPITE of it and having to suffer through it. The same results can be achieved by simply keeping the protein moderate, increasing the fat to healthy levels and reducing the carb intake to just veggies. I will explain this in the future, the health benefits and hormones that bring about this change and how they all work together to achieve these same results with less effort and discomfort.

Blake Lively Is Unknowingly Eating For Lean

No doubt while shopping you've perused the random entertainment magazines in front of you and seen Blake Lively so cavalierly stating she doesn't work out and remains gorgeously thin. Its that easy for the rich and famous but not for everyone else right? Wrong.

While I don't know how accurate this info is (Blake definitely was put through some different workout routines for her role in Green Lantern and hasn't been returning my calls) she may just be lucky enough to be eating in a way that supports fat burning and maintains lean muscle. Some people just fall into this way of eating because it tastes good and feels natural. We also don't know her whole eating plan. Since I'm still trying to find the time to piece together my promised article on exactly how people keep it together like her without crazy dieting or excessive workouts, I'm not going to attempt to find this info now.

What I will say is the two bits of info we were given, milk and chocolate, are telling in themselves. Both of these are relatively high in fat! Yes, the terror of all things weight loss. Well, this is where conventional wisdom just isn't on track. Thats a big portion of eating that many people have wrong and suffer greatly for with poor results and the urge to kill when they are starving on their diet. If the rest of her diet follows in this manner, as it likely does, she is just lucky enough to be one of those people that has fallen into the zone. Don't worry, we will smash that idea and lay out a simple, tasty, sustainable way of eating that allows for all the things every other diet deems unsavory for results.

Hang in there, its coming!