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Don’t make your eating plan hard when its simple

How many carbs do I eat? Should I have steak with every meal? Should I not eat after 8pm? What percentage should be protein?

These are the kinds of nonsense questions I see, hear and read all day long. I could tell you what foods you need to eat (and I will tell you some that will help in your weight loss and muscle building endeavors) but this is not that post. In this simple post I will tell you the simple answer and what not to do.

What shouldn’t I eat?

Simple answer, anything processed. If you want to have real results in life then your answer is going to be you need to eat real foods. Real foods are those that are not at all or at the very least minimally processed. Organic grass fed meat and beef, organic fruits and veggies. These are the foods that will provide you with health that will in turn give you what you need to reach your goals and feel good about it.

To reach your goals to be lean and strong follow this simple advice. Eat less, exercise more and eat more fruits and veggies. That’s it. For breakfast avoid carb and sugar heavy foods like cereal and reach for the eggs and fruit. For snacks munch on nuts and berries. For lunch and dinner eat a small portion of protein (we discussed in previous posts that more protein is not better), which you can measure by make sure it is no larger then the size of your closed fist. Have a large serving of veggies with this and you should meet your goals and food requirements.

Food requirements look like this 5-10oz of protein from meat, beans and legumes, 1-3 servings of fruits and 3-5 servings of veggies. And please, please, if you are drinking anything other then water, stop. Water is what your body is made to drink, nothing else will meet your hydration needs better then water. Soda, soft drinks of any kind that are sweetened are all immediately stored as fat in the body, no value.

So what should I eat?

If after what I have told you, in very simple terms, about what to eat is not clear enough this should answer your question. Any reasonable person knows what is good and healthy. If you are eating a bag of chips, a large soda and a hamburger from McDonalds I don’t care who you are, you know that is an unhealthy meal that will not help you meet your goals. Remember, every day is a new day. Missing a day will not ruin your goals but if you continue each day with a defeated attitude because you messed up on a meal or a day then you have already lost.

Oh and remember, don’t forget to cheat one day out of every week. Eat everything, as much as you like of cakes, cookies, burgers, French fries. No one can live their whole life as a saint. Plus, studies actually indicate that a spike in calories shocks the system to help keep metabolism alive and well, your safe on that day.

Mind over matter for fast gains

Numerous studies have been completed verifying a mind-body connection in regards to every physical activity. This is not hard to imagine since our physical body is controlled by the movements our brain decides. The biggest thing to take away from these studies is how it will affect your training.

Lift more through visualization

Have you ever visualized something you were about to do and completed that task smoother then if you simply winged it? Thats because your mind has focused on the task and completed it as a top priority without any distraction. Pro athletes use visualization all the time to enhance their play. Visuallizing a hit ,or a play, or a complete game is not uncommon.

The best way to utilize this is to take 15-30 seconds before beginning an exercise session or specific activity and visualize what it is you are about to do. This 15-30 seconds has been shown as optimal to make the connection for your task. Anything longer may be helpful but does not create a significant increase from the initial visualization. For instance, if you are going to do 20 squats but have only been able to do 15 before, visualize your body squatting, the movement, the powerful explosive up thrust. Doing this for 15-30 seconds has been shown to prime the brain and therefore the muscles for the task it is about to complete. By doing this you will see gains in whatever exercise or activity you are engaging in.

Power of positive thinking

If you walk in to any book store you will find a million books on positive thinking. The secret or any number of books like it will tell you to think of what you want and it will come true. While these books are hard pressed for real evidence it is factual when it comes to things your physical body can accomplish. When you are exhausted, be it from a run, a swim meet, a game, an exercise circuit, you feel as though you are wiped out, you couldn't possibly do any more. This is not true. Most people never reach their full potential or reach a platuea that can not be broken.

Hiring trainers is a perfect example of how a person can be pushed to the next level. Trainers push you harder then you would yourself. Naturally, your body does not want to do a lot of hard, stressful work but your brain tells it to. This same affect can be produced by yourself. Again, using the example of squats, you will actively need to tell your brain and therefore your body what you are going to accomplish. If you are attempting to reach 20 squats, then do it. When you hit 18 and your legs are burning with lactic acid, this is when you need to tell your brain that  you WILL COMPLETE 2 MORE REPS! Don't be surprised when you actually hit 20, just tell your body to do one more.

Tricking your body into doing the work is a method that has shown results. Hit your goal and then just like a personal trainer would do, tell your body that you are doing 5 more reps. Even if you know you are going to do this your body will be thrown off and this is exactly how gains are made, by challenging muscles. Give these body-mind connection tricks a try and see if they get you All the Way Fit. Enjoy.

Side to side push up can build muscle and target weaknesses

We have talked about many push up variations here. One of the best for beginners is the side to side push up. There are a few versions of this push up.

Start in the push up position with arms slightly wider then shoulder width apart. Begin to lower yourself to the ground but lean to your left side so that your left pectoral comes close to touching your left hand. Push yourself back up and complete a similar movement but toward your opposite hand. Attempt to be able to do 20 reps to each side. Once you have mastered these variations consider raising a leg or adding a weighted vest to increase tension and difficulty.

A variation on this is to slide from one hand to the other once you have lowered yourself. The individual in the below video shows a perfect example of how to complete these two variations.

This movement sounds easy and not much of a change however you will notice the result right away. If this is your first time trying this you will feel the burn in your pectoral by the third rep. This is because you are putting almost all your weight onto one side of your body and this is causing that pectoral to lift the load. This is good because it is not a complete unilateral movement so your body has stability but at the same time it is working one side harder then the other. This will correct any weaknesses while building additional strength.

Bet you didn't even know alligators could do a push up

Push ups have a thousand variations, here is another for your work out arsenal. This variation will really test your upper body and core strength while building more of the same.

The alligator is a tough push-up move to master but once you can complete this regularly you will be stronger then most.

  1. Start in a regular push up position.
  2. Move your left hand forward. Your left shoulder will naturally curve in towards the center of your body causing a slight curve like the walk of an alligator, hence the name. Whether you curve your body or simply move your hand foward does not matter. Curving the body will put more tension on the hand closer to your chest making it slightly more difficult. Both moves are effective.
  3. Complete the push up by slowly lowering your body and returning to a push up position
  4. repeat with the other hand. Each push-up counts as one rep.
If you need a simpler version start by moving one hand straight forward, completing the push up and then moving the other hand farther ahead.The slight arch curve you see in this video from our friends at Mountain Athlete makes it a tab more difficult and the return stretch is a nice addition to keep the hips loose.

Try to complete 30-40 reps. Doing this many reps will equal 15-20 push ups to each side. Because of the alligator curve, with one hand in front of the other, it will place more tension on the shoulder and pectoral closer to your abdomen. It will be help to reduce any weakness one side of the body has as it is almost a unilateral movement.

Once you can complete 30-40 reps with ease its time to invest in a weighted vest. The one seen to the left is quite comfortable and provides a great challenge once you have mastered a lot of the body weight exercises. It will take your workouts, weight loss, strength and muscle gains to a whole new level.

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How much protein should I eat?

Protein is the building block of life. It is necessary to eat protein in order to maintain and build lean muscle. Unfortunately most sources will instruct everyone to eat 1 gram or more per pound of body weight when attempting to build muscle and lose weight. While protein can assist in weight loss and lean muscle mass don’t start eating pound of meat to reach your goals.  

The body requires different amounts of protein depending on life style and age. As we age protein requirements increase. This increase is due to the bodies’ inability to utilize protein effectively. The increase though is quite small. Elderly individuals should not begin eating an additional steak or chicken breast because of this info. The easiest way to counteract this problem the body experiences from the aging process is exercise.

Strength training specifically, requires the body to utilize more protein. The body will utilize the protein better and force it to where it is needed, the muscles. This is the basic gist of how protein is used by the body. Like I indicated, many sites will tell you that you need well beyond 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight to build muscle. This may be true, if you’re on steroids because the body is in an unnatural state of utilizing all the protein it can find while creating a slew of other hormone issues.

In reality the body requires approximately .55 grams per pound of body weight for a sedentary individual. If you are active you can play with the amount your body can handle. Extreme athletes, working out for 2 hours or more a day doing extreme physical activity including heavy lifting, contact sports or other similar activities 5 or more days a week should obtain no more then .88 grams per pound of body weight. An individual who attends the gym for an hour, 3 days a week would do just fine at .55 grams per pound up to as much as .65. Don’t turn away and think this means you will lose any gains you have obtain or you won’t reach your goals, protein will not build muscle or lose weight on your own. Go to All the Way Fitness exercise page to find exercises that will make you lean and mean. The NSCA, National Strength and Conditioning Association has some great information concerning protein that is credible. This particular write up by Bill Campbell gives a good overview of protein and personal requirements.

True, you see professional athletes (who definitely fall into the extreme athlete sub-section) who eat 12oz porter houses for breakfast, an entire chicken for lunch and another 12oz porter house for dinner but many professional athletes utilize performance enhancing drugs. Many of these pro athletes also burn all of this protein as fuel, a very inefficient cycle to teach the body. By burning this protein as fuel the body is not utilizing carbs properly as the main source of fuel. When burning protein instead of carbs your body is simply working harder to perform the tasks it wants to complete. This can lead to feelings of lethargy during and after exercise. Athletes that eat these diets also end up suffering from severe gastrointestinal issues, heart related conditions, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high LDL levels, inflammatory chronic conditions. Needless to say this is not the best way to live life if all you want to do is look good and feel good.

The worst part about this high protein diet is the long term effects on the body. Every muscle site will scream this is not true because they receive large amounts of money from protein supplement companies but high protein diets are not beneficial to the body. When protein is not used by the body it is either stored as fat, which the body will then attempt to burn as energy if you are lucky enough to fall into the extreme athlete category, or sits around your waist. This is why I stated you should play with the amount you eat to determine the optimal amount for you. If you see weight gain over a 2 week period while only increasing your protein intake, you are definitely consuming too much protein. The second and far worst problem with the additional protein is that it needs to leave the body. This requires the kidneys and liver to work over time. For a few months this would be ok, however over time this damages these vital organs and can lead to serious illness and disease. I can not overstate how dangerous it is to fool around with these vital organs. These organs are the main line of defense against toxins in the body. If they spend their lives fighting an over abundance of protein then they are spending less time protecting you from disease and illness.

Consider your long term health before embarking on a high protein diet. Everyone gets more then enough protein in a day to meet their needs. A chicken breast alone will meet your daily requirements. High protein diets are not the solution to weight loss or lean muscle mass. No smoke and mirrors, no speedy drugs or supplements. Only a total natural way of life involving exercise and healthy eating will accomplish that goal.

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If you want to be Superman then sprouts are your first step

Its long been known that sprouts are a health food but it turns out they are much more then that. Not only a one stop shop for nutrients, these tiny sprouts offer curative abilities and disease prevention. What does this mean for you besides better health? Your body will have the freedom to spend 100% of its time focusing on increasing your fitness gains instead of fighting off disease and illness.

Think about it. We all know we have to eat our veggies but very few people eat the recommended daily allowance. Veggies contain sulforaphanes which have been shown in clinical trials to induce phase 2 enzymes which battle oxidative stress. In laymans terms it means that veggies, cruciferous in particular, fight off cancer cells, cell division and free radicals thereby allowing the body to thrive. These affects last days after consumption unlike with direct antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E.

Why not just eat veggies right? You should, as we have pointed out in other posts, broccoli can be a heavy hitter in creating lean muscle. The difference here is broccoli sprouts provide 30 - 50 times the amount of sulforaphanes as raw broccoli. Eating an ounce of broccoli sprouts is equivalent to eating 1 1/4 lbs of raw broccoli! Besides sulforaphanes, sprouts are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and protein plus low in fat

The best part is you can grow them yourself. Order this organic kit and you can grow sprouts from any veggie in 3-5 days. Just make sure to use only organic seeds as these will be unadulterated and you will obtain the best nutrient dense product. All the seeds require is some rinsing a few times a day to keep them moist and they will do the rest.

Save yourself, save your health and allow your body to focus on making you look and feel good instead of constantly wasting its days using all its resources to keep you healthy. The little sprouts will pay you back in a big way.

For further information on sprouts and how they contribute to health and prevent diseases and illness like cancer read the articles at naturalnews.com.

Mountain climbers: more core work

Here is a great exercise that very few people utilize. While every one is off wasting their time doing crunches and sit ups focus on this exercise to have a 6 pack come beach season.

The mountain climber is a great body exercise that will work your core, legs, arms and shoulders. With many variations this exercise won't get old anytime soon.

1. Start in a push up position.
2. Brace your core.
3. Slowly bring your right knee up to your right elbow.
4. Lower and repeat with the other knee. That is one one rep.

The only time your toe should be touching the floor is at the start and finish. This will maximize core effort, help stabilize the lower back all while helping flexibility and reducing back pain. Your arms and shoulders will also get a work out from the stabilizing they will be doing during the exericse not to mention your quads.

For an easy variation do the mountain climb twist. Instead of bringing your right knee to your right elbow, cross the right knee over to the left elbow. Your shoulders should remain straight, no twisting should happen there. There are more difficult variations but these are the basics and should be mastered before moving on. Once you can do 30 twists on each side then its time to add ankle weights or new variations such as having your feet on a BOSU ball or hands on a medicine ball.

To P90X or not to P90X: that is the question

A lot of people ask me if I have ever tried P90X and if they will see results from it. I have seen the infomercials late at night. I have read the articles on the innovator. I have seen the results and the testimonials of people that swear by it. Have I tried it? No.

Why haven’t I tried it? No reason really. I never needed someone else to push me in athletic endeavors. Does that mean I think I am the best athlete in the world or the most physically fit with all the answers? Hardly, I am not above any new information concerning physical fitness but P90X isn’t a new breakthrough. Simply put, I didn’t want another cardio/endurance exercise routine, it wasn’t anything that interested me.

Yes, if you own P90X and follow the plan then you will see results. The reason isn’t because this guy has come up with any new idea or any new way to train, it’s the same it has been since the beginning. The reason it will work is because any high intensity training completed with consistency while eating a healthy calorie reduced diet will induce weight loss. Couple that with some simple strength training and lean muscle mass will be obtained. If you lift to get smaller you will look visually larger.

If I instructed you to jump rope at an intense pace for 10 minutes a day 5 times a week and only eat chicken and rice equaling 1800 calories, you would lose weight and look physically fit. Very boring, redundant and not a total body workout but it would work. Will it be as exciting and rewarding as completing a program that has variety and a charismatic individual leading the sessions? Not at all.

So do I think P90X is worth your time? Definitely! Any fitness regiment that keeps you motivated and excited to be physically active is worth your money and time. I am excited when anyone that is sedentary does anything physical because it is the first step into a new world and a better you. Whether it’s the Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons videos of the 1980’s on VHS or the P90X of today, just doing something with some intensity and consistency while eating correctly is going to give more improvements then doing nothing at all. Just remember, whatever works for you, take it All the Way.   

The Kettlebell will rock your world

Working with a kettlebell can be one of the best variations to your workout routine plus provide you with some benefits dumbbells can not.

The Kettlebell is of Russian descent and can be found in many different weights ranging from 4 to 175 pounds. The center of mass is extended beyond the handle thereby allowing for a wide variety of swinging movements, which are beneficial for exercises involving the lower back, legs, shoulders and grip strength. Most commonly used for exercises such as the swing, snatch and clean and jerk, these movements are all compound exercises meaning they involve multiple muscles to complete the exercise. These exercises mimic real world movements and are one of the reasons kettlebells are such a great exercise. Because these exercises mimic real world activities they build strength and durability to the body that will not only make you look great but provide a durable body that is less prone to injury.

Be conscious of the fact that if you have had shoulder injuries, back injuries or a weak core, working with a kettlebell will require care. Start with a very low weight and concentrate on perfect form. Be sure to continue other core exercises as well as strengthening exercises for the lower back and shoulders in order to avoid further injury. See the video below to observe proper form and utilization of a kettlebell. Steve Cotter has great form and shows the four basic ways kettlebells can be used, how to use them properly and as you can see from his physique, it has been helping him a lot. You can make sure your form is correct by watching your movements in a mirror.

Broccoli: a super food for weight loss, muscle gain and disease prevention

If you eat one vegetable every day, make sure you are picking broccoli. Numerous scientific studies have verified the cancer fighting properties of broccoli. Brocolli also has the power to cure stomach infections, resolve arthritis, protect arteries, heart health and protect the skin from the sun. The list is long and the benefits proven and best of all, you can grow this healing product for free yourself!

Most of these amazing health benefits come from the compound sulforaphane, which broccoli is rife with. This compound activates the immune system in a hugely beneficial way. Studies on mice have shown the ability to return the immune system of older mice to the equivalent of younger mice. This restorative power means people of all ages can benefits from daily consumption of broccoli. Eat your broccoli raw though as cooking the broccoli can reduce the amount of sulforaphane by as much as 90%.

Perfect squats for perfect legs

Body weight exercises are highly over looked in todays fitness culture. Everyone is utlizing bands or balancing on balls or lifting huge weights with terrible form. One of the best ways to build muscle and tone the body all while losing weight is to utilize body weight exercises. The squat is one of the easiest and best examples of a BW (body weight) exercise that can improve flexibily, increase muscle, help lose weight and increase strength.

Correct form is key. This video shows a great example of how to do squats correctly. Make sure your form is perfect before adding weight or injuries will follow. Make sure hips, knees and feet are lined up and that the back is straight through the entire move. Memorize this video as this is exactly how I do my squats as a warm up. Once you have mastered this weight can be added to increase strength and mass if that is your goal. I will have my video camera up shortly for posting purposes.

Pull-ups and chin-ups for total upper body strength

Its been said that the greatest determination of overall strenght is the ability to complete pull-ups and chin-ups. With that said many people have mastered the simply exercises and can reach 15 - 20 reps. If this is the case then you need variations on these exercises in order to continue to progress and challenge your muscles.

First, anyone can do these and they are the best way to increase strenght and tone the upper body. If you are a beginner simply put a box under a pull up bar and attempt to pull yourself up. For chin-ups have your palms facing you and for pull-ups facing away. Hands should be shoulder width apart but variations can range from slightly outside shoulder width to closer together and these variations simply target different muscles with more weight.

For those that want to skip the anatomy lesson the most important part to take away from these exercises are this, pull-ups will hit your back most and chin-ups will hit your biceps most. Both exercises will target the back, shoulders and arms however the variations are what will put the emphasis more on certain muscle groups.

Back to beginning. First timers will not be able to crank out many, if any of these exercises. If you can not do one the best way to begin is to jump to the top of the bar and slowly lower yourself to a count of 10. This eccentric use of the muscle will create the strength necessary to begin pulling yourself up on your own. Muscles are able to lower more weight then they can lift so that is why this will increase your strenght over time. Don't feel bad about cheating in the beginning, pulling your legs up to increase momentum is ok but DO NOT swing your body to pull yourself up. This form of cheating completely negates any positive gains in reps.

Once you have master 5 pull-ups and/or chin-ups begin doing them w/ perfect form, no pulling your legs up any more. Continue to utilize the eccentric (lowering yourself) reps in order to maintain and continue strength growth, it will be challenging if you either increase the number of reps or time in lowering yourself. This will help build strength and durability for those wishing to pursue weight lifting or those who simply want to increase strength and the asthetics of their body plus prevent injury.

Make sure to watch for more variations on this simply but very effective body weight exercise.

More core for your Abs

Lets keep the exercises rolling. Already discussed the importance of the plan and why people need to do it. Not only is it one of the best ways to hit your entire core and those hard to rich lower ab areas but it also helps stabilize the spine for better posture and less back pain. Just make sure that if you dip your hips you stop because that is your breaking point and you are no longer doing the exercise correctly when that happens.

How about some variations? Doing the plank while laying on your side is a great way to hit those obliques and it will be felt quickly. If you have never hit the sides before it will definitely be felt in the first 30 seconds. To do this simply start in your plank position, a push up position but on your elbows. Keep your abs and back tight and roll onto your left or right side holding yourself up on one elbow. Hold this position for 30 seconds and do a minimum of two sets. Then proceed with your other side.

There are many variations to the plank, all will work your body hard enough to give you a 6 pack in 6 weeks if done every other day. One great variation is a circuit of the three. Start on both arms and after 30 seconds rotate to one side and proceed with 30 seconds on that side. Then drop back to the middle on both arms for 30 seconds and then on to the other side. That is one set. After 2 sets of that you will be burning. Continue to build on this with either more sets or increasing the time. The goal should be to hit 2 minutes and by that time you will be a pro. Stay tune for more variations and take your fitness All the Way!

Core exercises should be the staple of your workout

Many people spend time in the gym working on their abs but most do it for the wrong reasons. The core is necessary to remain upright, it stabilizes your spine in order to stand and maintain your posture. One reason people suffer from back pain is due to a weak core. That guy in the gym that has that ripped six pack may not actually have a very strong core but has simply killed the crunches over his time in the gym.

Try this exercise. This should be the core staple workout in everyones routine. This exercise has many variations to make it harder or easier and that is one reason it is such a great exercise. Its call the Plank and it works your entire core effectively. Heres how to do it.

Position yourself in a push up stance leaning on your elbows. Your elbows are bent at 90 degrees and you are leaning on them in a push up position. Make sure your core is tight and you are squeezing your abs through this exercise. Most importantly make certain that your back is flat and your hips are not dipping towards the ground. If your hips dip, that is your break point. Hold this position for 30-60 seconds, rest and repeate for 3 more sets.

Once you can do that with ease there are a multitude of variations. You can do sets consecutively, resting for 15-30 seconds in between or you can place your feet on a BOSUT ball. For those that don't know a BOSUT ball is the half exercise ball you see at the gym. Once this becomes easy there are even more variations so make sure to watch AWF for more core exercises.

We are growing!

This is just the beginning of AWF, All the Way Fitness blog! The growth is slow but consistent and will build upon itself. Check out our new pages on Exercises and Nutrition. These pages will be updated weekly for now and will grow in size until we can transfer to our website. The website will be coming in the near future, which will support many new features.

If you are interested in wrinting for AWF then please contact me. All email inquires can be directed to AlltheWayFitness@gmail.com. We are a website devoted to natural/organic fitness, nutrition and health. Our goal is to provide news, studies and product info concerning these topics. If your intersts are similar and you are interested in writing more about what you enjoy and love then please contact us.

DIY hot/cold pack

Hot/cold packs are great at alleviating pain and reducing down time due to injury. It is well known that heat will relax muscles and cold will reduce inflammation, no secret there. Most people don't want to spend their hard earned money on ice packs and heat pads, its just not worth the money when you have the raw materials in your house.

To make a cold pack for those inflammed muscles simply pour a liter of water into a sealable zip-lock bag. Add a quarter cup (1/4 cup) of isopropyl alcohol or half cup (1/2 cup) of salt, both will do the trick. This will turn the ice into a sludge that you can throw in the freezer and reuse as it will not become a block of ice in the freezer. Because it is not a hard block it will form fit to the body part you are icing. The alcohol/salt will also lower the melting point of the ice allowing the ice pack to stay cooler longer. It is wise to put the zip-lock bag in another zip-lock bag to avoid any leaking.

To make a hot pack simply take an old tube sock and dump as much rice as will fit and still allow you to tie a knot at the end. Simply throw this into the microwave for 45-60 seconds and you have a hot pad ready to alleviate any aches and pains from sore to tight muscles. Rice is very good at retaining heat so be careful not to over heat in the microwave. This hot pad can be reused over and over without replacing the rice.

Plant proteins are superior

If your thinking of becoming a vegetarian or are already one you still need to utilize plant proteins that contain all the essential amino acids in order to maintain and build lean muscle. Some of the best sources are Hemp seeds and Pea protein. Besides vegetarians everyone needs to increase protein intake as they age to avoid muscle waste.

Hemp seeds pack 12 grams of protein in 3 tablespoons and are a complete protein, meaning they contain all 9 essential amino acids and the other non-essential amino acids. They are a significant source of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) which are 35% of all skeletal muscle and necessary for muscle growth. Plant proteins are more easily digested then animal protein and therefore utilized better by the body to create lean muscle.

Hemp seeds also provide all the essential fats your body needs in the perfect ratio of 3:1 for omega-6 and omega-3 as well as the hard to find GLA and SDA. Their protein content is significant and a great source of protein for vegans as well. They can be used on salads, in dips or in shakes alone and taste quite good. They should be considered by everyone as a first source for protein. A quality hemp seed product is made by Nutiva. Their site also contains lots of info on the hemp protein. Another great source is Whole Foods with a hemp product which is also organic and is a great price per pound.

Pea protein is another great plant protein which contains as much BCAA as whey protein and eggs. Pea proteins have also shown to provide more after meal satiety then the equivalent amount of animal protein, meaning you will feel more full. Plus as opposed to animal proteins pea protein has been shown to reduce free radicals and inhibit fatty acid oxidation, meaning the good fats in your body are not destroyed by oxidation and increased elimination of cancer causing free radicals. The health effects of pea protein compared to animal proteins have been shown to be extensive and are therefore a better option for overall health and muscle gain.

As people age their bodies utilize less protein and therefore the requirements for it go up. The average consumption of protein per pound of body weight for someone exercising 2-3 times a week for an hour should be approximately .55 grams per pound. Therefore a 160lb man should consume 88 grams of protein. It is assumed that increased exercise and strength training increases protein synthesis and the need for protein as the body utilizes more of it. As such extreme athletes working out 5 or more times a week for more then 2 hours at a time should consume no more then .88 grams per pound of body weight or for a 160lb man 140 grams of protein. Eating more then this is simply a waste as it requires the kidneys and liver to work harder to excrete the excess protein that is not used.

Remember, vegetarians and everyone else, utilize plant proteins to reach your goals in better overall health and make sure not to exceed the recommending limits for protein as mega dosing with protein will do damage to your body and not increase lean muscle mass, only a correct program, diet and form will accomplish that.



Think you have your workout beat? Think again.

So you think you are able to lift that 200lbs on the bench with ease huh? Or think you've master the chin-up because you can do 20? Are you banging out 50 pushups or able to do 30 squats without breaking a sweat? Lets see how honest you are.

Strenght and muscle gains will be made quickest when performing the exercises with perfect form and technique. This is true whether training for strength, toning or endurance. Many people whip through their workouts thinking they are doing a great job because their form is excellent. That is only half the battle. Technique will also play a large part in your gains.

Try this. Perform a set of any exercise you choose with a weight you can normally do 10 - 12 reps with. Now you may feel you aren't rocking through these movements but if you aren't stopping at both your starting and ending point then you are still cheating. Hold the lift at the end for a count of one and return to the starting point. If you do this I am sure you will be feeling the burn half way through what you were able to coast through before.

Don't cheat yourself, this may be a shot to the ego but will lead to increased gains in the future and the challenge will get your muscles out of a rut. It will work with no matter what your preferred exercise is whether band exercises, bodyweight exercises, free weights, sandbags, whatever. Give it a try today and take your workout all the way!