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Bet you didn't even know alligators could do a push up

Push ups have a thousand variations, here is another for your work out arsenal. This variation will really test your upper body and core strength while building more of the same.

The alligator is a tough push-up move to master but once you can complete this regularly you will be stronger then most.

  1. Start in a regular push up position.
  2. Move your left hand forward. Your left shoulder will naturally curve in towards the center of your body causing a slight curve like the walk of an alligator, hence the name. Whether you curve your body or simply move your hand foward does not matter. Curving the body will put more tension on the hand closer to your chest making it slightly more difficult. Both moves are effective.
  3. Complete the push up by slowly lowering your body and returning to a push up position
  4. repeat with the other hand. Each push-up counts as one rep.
If you need a simpler version start by moving one hand straight forward, completing the push up and then moving the other hand farther ahead.The slight arch curve you see in this video from our friends at Mountain Athlete makes it a tab more difficult and the return stretch is a nice addition to keep the hips loose.

Try to complete 30-40 reps. Doing this many reps will equal 15-20 push ups to each side. Because of the alligator curve, with one hand in front of the other, it will place more tension on the shoulder and pectoral closer to your abdomen. It will be help to reduce any weakness one side of the body has as it is almost a unilateral movement.

Once you can complete 30-40 reps with ease its time to invest in a weighted vest. The one seen to the left is quite comfortable and provides a great challenge once you have mastered a lot of the body weight exercises. It will take your workouts, weight loss, strength and muscle gains to a whole new level.

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