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Don't Let Embarrassment Stop You From Reaching Your Goals

Today I was out walking my dog and saw something I see all the time from people out jogging or riding or working out in the gym. This individual was clearly starting a run and was doing some simple warm ups outside of her apartment. She was doing some side steps, some knee highs, the normal stuff. But, as she turned backwards on the sidewalk to very clearly do some simple backward sprints it happened. SHE SAW ME! This caused a collapse of the entire pre-workout routine and she simply turned around and started her job.

Now was this a bad thing that was going to adversely affect her jog? Probably not. I saw her doing enough to get the blood pumping and muscles warmed up but that wasn't the point. The point was she saw me walking towards her with my dog and it threw her off completely. Clearly she thought no one was watching and she was in a state of comfort but as soon as she saw me watching her, simply walking down the street, she stopped and took off. This isn't something that will make or break your one workout but it reaches to a much deeper point in the whole scheme of things that can affect your long term goals.

Embarrassment is a Deterrent

Clearly many people are affected by what others think of them and this is a large reason why a lot of people never get out and exercise. If you are a rather fit individual and you are reading this and thinking, what? I don't care what anyone thinks! Then you aren't the person I'm referring to. Many people who are only mildly overweight and who have never participated in a gym, rode a bike since they were a kid or simply remember how to move at a quick pace feel embarrassed or down right foolish attempting to get back into the game surrounded by others they perceive to be more fit and more advised.

Here is what I say to those people. Its in your head. Surprisingly or not, no one is actually watching you unless you are a bombshell, guy or girl, in which case you are probably use to the staring by now. Just get started. The feeling of accomplishment in beginning something new, creating the body you want and living well will actually build a self esteem you will wonder how you lived with out. Even if someone is watching you, what difference does it make? They don't know your exercise routine. They don't know who you are. For all they know you could be a 10 time world champion power lifter who took a year off and decided to eat cheeseburgers with Jimmy Buffet in Key West for all that time and just now decided to start again.

Everyone Has Felt This Feeling

Just like with everything else, you are not alone in this feeling. Everything that can be done in the world has been done to some degree. You think you are the first guy to sky dive from 5k feet? I guarantee that at some point in history some extreme situation came to pass that had a guy shot 5k feet into the air and he did it first, although it probably ended worst for him. The point being, even I have felt this way. Every time I go into a gym I still look around. I assume people are looking but they aren't, they are busy with their own work outs.

I wasted years in the beginning watching other guys do it wrong. I wasted years seeing monstrous guys walking by me thinking, "wow, they must think I'm stupid for putting up this puny weight in this way" only to find out late they never even though about what I was doing. They were absorbed in their own workouts, which is what I should have been concentrating on.

That guy or girl you stare at in the gym doing their work out is probably staring right back at you thinking the same thing. Don't let your fears of what others may be thinking control the level at which you exercise. This will make or break your routine. Get into the groove, follow what your plan is and move on from there. It does not matter what someone else thinks of your work out.

If you have questions about what you are doing or want ideas you can email me here at allthewayfitness@gmail.com. Remember, what will determine if you follow through in any endeavour is your outlook. Keep positive and know your plan is the correct one for you and you will do fine. Just remember to take that workout all the way!