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Remain Alkaline to increase fitness gains and overall health

Many people focus on any number of one sided theories to obtain weight loss, lean muscle and endurance goals. The problems with many of these theories are they miss the main point of optimal health. For instance, a high protein diet is always encouraged in personal training as a way to lose fat and build muscle. There are issues with this idea. For one, cooked meat is a dead food. It provides zero in the way of energy and the body has to go through quite a bit of energy to attempt to digest it. Im not advocating that anyone stop eating meat but it is not necessary for gains in physical fitness and in the long run the acidic buildup of a high meat diet and loss of nutrient intake from plant based foods will cause nutritional deficiencies. This is just one example of the many fad diets from low carb to high protein diets, they will leave you unbalanced eventually.

So what is the answer? The best and easiest way to lose weight and build lean muscle mass is to follow an alkaline lifestyle. In doing so you are able to eat a balance diet and avoid the pitfalls of nutritional deficiencies. There are many sources online that indicate which foods are alkaline and which foods are acidic so a quick google search can help determine your best food choices.

Why is this important? Our bodies are alkaline by nature and acidic by function. This is an important for a lot of reasons. First pH means potential to hydrogen. Hydrogen is all around us and has a positive charge. We have a negative charge and need to maintain this negative state. More hydrogen ions (positive charge) means more acidic state of being. Water with a negative pH have more hydrogen ions, water with a more alkaline pH have more hydroxyl ions (negative charge). This can be determine using pH strips. 7 is neutral and anything below that is negative (acidic) and anything above that is positive (alkaline). All vegetables have an alkaline pH. Most water is now acidic due to pollution and being over filters. All meats are acidic and most fruits are also acidic. The is all very basic but important to understand. If we strive to be more alkaline, eat more veggies, less meat and fruits and better quality water then we can avoid the pitfalls of illness and fitness fatigue.

Now you understand the basics of why this is important but what does it have to do with you? You already know that veggies are good to eat but now you understand why. Because your body is acidic by functions your body is constantly trying to buffer these acids. For instance, every cellular function creates a by product of acid. This acid builds in the body and causes and increases the habitable environment for disease and illness. All illnesses are anaerobic in nature (without oxygen) and an acidic state provides that. Acids will also accumulate in the joints and muscle tissues causing fatigue and pain. Over time, as the body becomes less able to buffer this acidic diet the acid is bound in fat cells in order to protect the internal tissues and organs. This is a large reason for fat deposits in the body. Understand that this is a quick explanation of acidity and the body so you get the basic understanding of how it affects you personally, from arthritis and headaches to cancer and weight gain, acidity is the root cause of these problems.

We will continue to address alkalinity and how it not only affects your fitness goals but  your health in general in future posts. For additional information and books consider researching sites such as www.pHmiracleliving.com.