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As a personal trainer studying medicine I field questions every day.

  • What are the right foods to eat?
  • What time should I eat at?
  • What type of exercise should I be doing?
  • When should I exercise?
  • What foods or exercise are wrong for me?
  • Why can't I lose weight and gain muscle doing this or that?
These are just some of the numerous questions people that have failed to reach their goals ask me. By the time they have come to me most of them have attempted numerous fad diets and worked their way through all the types of exercises they assume they need to be doing.

Im going to tell you the truth. Its not as hard as you have been made to believe. With a bit of science, a dash of logic and some basic understanding of movement you can have your life fine tuned so that everything is working for you, not against you.

I offer three distinct consults.

The first is dietary. With a simple 3 day log of what you eat we can pull apart whats working for you and against you. Many people are shocked to find they can actually eat more of what they really enjoy and less of what they think they have to eat. This is not a guessing game of removing foods and adding a lot of protein to get you where you need to be. This is the science of the body. How it reacts to food. I will tweak what you already have and offer some simple suggestions if anything is missing to put you on the path to lean and mean. You will know the ratios of the macronutrients you need and after a week will simply be able to eyeball what it is you require to fuel your body and not be in that depressing pit o of starvation.

The second is training. If I had a nickel for everyone that came to me with a program loaded with so much garbage it would take weeks to haul away, I would be a rich man. Half of this revamp consult is removing what is simply unnecessary for people to attain their goals. Be it weight loss, endurance, muscle mass, "toning", most folk are running high on magazine articles and "broscience" weight lifting ideas. Whats really needed is usually a much simpler approach. Many people feel they are far along in training because of the time they put in, reps they can do or weight they can move in any given scenario. Generally, these individuals are still at the bare bones starting point and are running in circles. Think of how many people you know who have started training programs on their own. Maybe they made some measurable success, but they never got where they wanted or claimed they would be. This is simply due to incorrect training. Ill fix this for you, get you on the path to winning!

The third option, and by far the most popular, is combining the diet, training plus 30 days of contact with myself where you can fire concerns, questions and complaints (if you have them) at me. Ill walk you through it all. After 30 days some people have such a good grip on it they no longer need the hand holding. Some other clients like to continue with it knowing if they plateau or running into problems they can reach out to me. Either way, this combines the best of all things. My expertise, my knowledge, and my time exclusively for you when you need it.

To get started all you need to do it click the buy on the paypal button at the top of this page. Lets get started and have you working with the knowledge that will not only benefit your physical appearance but your life long health as well.