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Tip of the week

Have you been going to the gym for 6 months or more without any increase in strength or change in appearance? Are you down right tired of your work out?

Many people get caught in ruts and this is not unusual. The problem many people have is they don't ever change their workouts and therefore never see any results. This can be very frustrating and depressing when you have been doing the same thing over and over and are not seeing results.

I have seen on individual at the gym I frequent who does the same thing every week. On thursdays he is there, dropping down and doing the same tricep press, set after set after set. I have watched him do this for close to six months now and I have not seen any change in his physique. He does this with his entire routine throughout the week for every muscle group. In fact he actually appears as though he is putting weight on!

Most likely periodization has set in and the monotony of his routine has stopped any growth. Periodization can begin in as little as two to four weeks. It is characterized by the muscles becoming used to the same stimuli which stalls and muscle growth. Muscles need new stimuli in order to continue their growth. If this were not true there would only be four or five exercises and everyone would look like Arnold. This problem is easily corrected, however many people are not aware of periodization and continue doing their single work out forever.

This is more then just a problem for your muscles, it will also affect whether or not you continue with your physical activity. Boredom with your workout will most likely result in a person giving up that activity at some point in time unless you are the most stubborn individual.

Here is the simple solution. Change your work out regularly. Follow this blog for exercises that will challenge all your muscles, research exercises on your own and always keep it new and fresh. You can change up your exercises for every work out or continue similar exercises for up to four to six weeks. Avoid the pitfalls of so many and don't fall into a routine that leads to boredom or slows your ability to reach your goal. Just make sure whatever your doing is getting you where you want to be and remember; take your workout all the way! Enjoy.

did you know?

Many people assume that to build muscle and lose weight a high protein diet consisting of meat and dairy is necessary. This is not true, there are many other foods that can be far more beneficial and provide the body with everything necessary to increase muscle, reduce weight and provide the body with everything it needs to be healthy.

The avocado is a wonder fruit. Highly underestimated for its super contents the avocado sports a high amount of omega 3 fats (which are hard to find in a western diet) and omega 6. You can reach your daily requirement of omega 3 by eating just one avocado.

Avocados provide all 18 essential amino acids needed to create complete proteins. These easily digested amino acids are assimilated into proteins which are required for muscle building and fat loss. These amino acids are more easily digested by the body then the protein content in meat and therefore can be considered a great alternative to a diet rich in meat.

Avocados are also rich in enzymes and minerals such as magnesium and gluthathione both necessary for proper body function. They contain vitamins A, B complex, K, E and C.

The selection of an avocado may be a wise choice is your trying to lose the pounds, pack on the muscle and live a healthy lifestyle.

Hate a cold? Then exercise more

A new study published this month in the British Journal of Sports Medicine indicates that those that exercise regularly really do have a stronger immune system then those that live a more sedentary lifestyle. Not only do people who are more physically fit suffer fewer colds, they are also less severe when they do have them.

This is great news for those of us that exercise regularly. People often describe euphoric feelings when they begin a work out routine and those of us that exercise regularly have always claimed to have better health and fewer bouts of illness. No one would argue that if they ran their vehicle for years on end without changing oil, spark plugs, wipers, tires and other engine parts they would most likley destroy their vehicle but people seem to need a hit on the head when it comes to maintaining their own bodies. Common sense would seem to dictate that being physically fit would mean fewer health problems but that isn't always enough for the nay-sayers, they need hard evidence. Finally, a study definitively shows a connection between exercising and health.

The specifics of the article can be found here on medicalnewstoday.com. 1000 participants were followed for a 12 week period in the fall/winter of 2008 ranging in age from 18 to 85. Many variables came into play such as, aerobic exercise level, rating of their fitness overall, diet, lifestyle, stress in their lives and other key factors that effect health and wellness. Those that exercised at least 5 times a week suffered 43 to 46% fewer colds compared to those that exercised only one day a week. Half as many colds or days feeling ill simply by doing something enjoyable from bike riding or running to weight lifting or playing sports. If exercise can have an effect that dramatic on colds I wonder what else it is effecting positively that studies just haven't proven to us yet? Probably more then we think.

Tip of the Week

Consistency is the key to attaining results. This is a truism in life that applies to both your physical activity and healthy eating. People often ask me how I have obtained my physique or how am I able to say no to a piece of cake at an office party? The answer is simple, because I have created a routine that has become habit and habits are hard to break, even good ones.

If you plan on reaching a goal, whether it is to lose 10 pounds or create that six pack, you will not be able to achieve the desired result by eating healthy twice a week or attending the gym on Saturdays alone. The best part about each new day is that it is a fresh slate. If you ate too much the night before or skipped out on your workout, do not be discouraged, a new day is a new start and you can get right back on your plan and continue. This will determine how fast your results are achieved.

So often I hear people complain that they gave up or stopped trying because they over ate at one meal or missed a day at the gym. Usually this happens right when they were about to make the gains that would push them to the next step. That one missed day can be a terrible fall into lethargy for the plan they have set. The worst part about this missed day is that it often becomes a week, becomes a month and all of a sudden the plan is no more and the gains that were made are lost. It’s always hardest right before the change takes hold.

If you can make it through each day increasing your measure of success, whether a meal of fewer calories or taking a quick walk because you missed the gym, this is still better then conceding defeat and doing nothing at all. Trust me, your body will respond and the fact that you even made the conscious decision to do something, instead of passing until the next day, will put you that much closer to a habitual routine and therefore your desired results.

Enjoy today and remember, whether it’s a healthy eating plan or your workout, take it all the way!

Did you know...

Did you know that exercise can prevent colds?

The British Journal of Sports Medicine reports over a 12 week period individuals who said they exercised at least five days a week had a 43% fewer days with an upper respiratory tract infection then individuals who exercised only one day a week.

Although this information is not breaking news (previous studies have indicated similar findings) it helps to promote the concrete evidence that exercise promotes overall better health. Exercise most likely boosts the immune systems providing the body with better coping mechanisms to illness and stress.

The lesson here is not to pass up a day of exercise because you feel you aren't seeing any results externally. Some of the best changes may be those that you don't actually see occurring inside your body.

And now you know.