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To P90X or not to P90X: that is the question

A lot of people ask me if I have ever tried P90X and if they will see results from it. I have seen the infomercials late at night. I have read the articles on the innovator. I have seen the results and the testimonials of people that swear by it. Have I tried it? No.

Why haven’t I tried it? No reason really. I never needed someone else to push me in athletic endeavors. Does that mean I think I am the best athlete in the world or the most physically fit with all the answers? Hardly, I am not above any new information concerning physical fitness but P90X isn’t a new breakthrough. Simply put, I didn’t want another cardio/endurance exercise routine, it wasn’t anything that interested me.

Yes, if you own P90X and follow the plan then you will see results. The reason isn’t because this guy has come up with any new idea or any new way to train, it’s the same it has been since the beginning. The reason it will work is because any high intensity training completed with consistency while eating a healthy calorie reduced diet will induce weight loss. Couple that with some simple strength training and lean muscle mass will be obtained. If you lift to get smaller you will look visually larger.

If I instructed you to jump rope at an intense pace for 10 minutes a day 5 times a week and only eat chicken and rice equaling 1800 calories, you would lose weight and look physically fit. Very boring, redundant and not a total body workout but it would work. Will it be as exciting and rewarding as completing a program that has variety and a charismatic individual leading the sessions? Not at all.

So do I think P90X is worth your time? Definitely! Any fitness regiment that keeps you motivated and excited to be physically active is worth your money and time. I am excited when anyone that is sedentary does anything physical because it is the first step into a new world and a better you. Whether it’s the Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons videos of the 1980’s on VHS or the P90X of today, just doing something with some intensity and consistency while eating correctly is going to give more improvements then doing nothing at all. Just remember, whatever works for you, take it All the Way.   

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