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The Kettlebell will rock your world

Working with a kettlebell can be one of the best variations to your workout routine plus provide you with some benefits dumbbells can not.

The Kettlebell is of Russian descent and can be found in many different weights ranging from 4 to 175 pounds. The center of mass is extended beyond the handle thereby allowing for a wide variety of swinging movements, which are beneficial for exercises involving the lower back, legs, shoulders and grip strength. Most commonly used for exercises such as the swing, snatch and clean and jerk, these movements are all compound exercises meaning they involve multiple muscles to complete the exercise. These exercises mimic real world movements and are one of the reasons kettlebells are such a great exercise. Because these exercises mimic real world activities they build strength and durability to the body that will not only make you look great but provide a durable body that is less prone to injury.

Be conscious of the fact that if you have had shoulder injuries, back injuries or a weak core, working with a kettlebell will require care. Start with a very low weight and concentrate on perfect form. Be sure to continue other core exercises as well as strengthening exercises for the lower back and shoulders in order to avoid further injury. See the video below to observe proper form and utilization of a kettlebell. Steve Cotter has great form and shows the four basic ways kettlebells can be used, how to use them properly and as you can see from his physique, it has been helping him a lot. You can make sure your form is correct by watching your movements in a mirror.

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