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Broccoli: a super food for weight loss, muscle gain and disease prevention

If you eat one vegetable every day, make sure you are picking broccoli. Numerous scientific studies have verified the cancer fighting properties of broccoli. Brocolli also has the power to cure stomach infections, resolve arthritis, protect arteries, heart health and protect the skin from the sun. The list is long and the benefits proven and best of all, you can grow this healing product for free yourself!

Most of these amazing health benefits come from the compound sulforaphane, which broccoli is rife with. This compound activates the immune system in a hugely beneficial way. Studies on mice have shown the ability to return the immune system of older mice to the equivalent of younger mice. This restorative power means people of all ages can benefits from daily consumption of broccoli. Eat your broccoli raw though as cooking the broccoli can reduce the amount of sulforaphane by as much as 90%.

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