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Perfect squats for perfect legs

Body weight exercises are highly over looked in todays fitness culture. Everyone is utlizing bands or balancing on balls or lifting huge weights with terrible form. One of the best ways to build muscle and tone the body all while losing weight is to utilize body weight exercises. The squat is one of the easiest and best examples of a BW (body weight) exercise that can improve flexibily, increase muscle, help lose weight and increase strength.

Correct form is key. This video shows a great example of how to do squats correctly. Make sure your form is perfect before adding weight or injuries will follow. Make sure hips, knees and feet are lined up and that the back is straight through the entire move. Memorize this video as this is exactly how I do my squats as a warm up. Once you have mastered this weight can be added to increase strength and mass if that is your goal. I will have my video camera up shortly for posting purposes.

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