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Think you have your workout beat? Think again.

So you think you are able to lift that 200lbs on the bench with ease huh? Or think you've master the chin-up because you can do 20? Are you banging out 50 pushups or able to do 30 squats without breaking a sweat? Lets see how honest you are.

Strenght and muscle gains will be made quickest when performing the exercises with perfect form and technique. This is true whether training for strength, toning or endurance. Many people whip through their workouts thinking they are doing a great job because their form is excellent. That is only half the battle. Technique will also play a large part in your gains.

Try this. Perform a set of any exercise you choose with a weight you can normally do 10 - 12 reps with. Now you may feel you aren't rocking through these movements but if you aren't stopping at both your starting and ending point then you are still cheating. Hold the lift at the end for a count of one and return to the starting point. If you do this I am sure you will be feeling the burn half way through what you were able to coast through before.

Don't cheat yourself, this may be a shot to the ego but will lead to increased gains in the future and the challenge will get your muscles out of a rut. It will work with no matter what your preferred exercise is whether band exercises, bodyweight exercises, free weights, sandbags, whatever. Give it a try today and take your workout all the way!

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