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More core for your Abs

Lets keep the exercises rolling. Already discussed the importance of the plan and why people need to do it. Not only is it one of the best ways to hit your entire core and those hard to rich lower ab areas but it also helps stabilize the spine for better posture and less back pain. Just make sure that if you dip your hips you stop because that is your breaking point and you are no longer doing the exercise correctly when that happens.

How about some variations? Doing the plank while laying on your side is a great way to hit those obliques and it will be felt quickly. If you have never hit the sides before it will definitely be felt in the first 30 seconds. To do this simply start in your plank position, a push up position but on your elbows. Keep your abs and back tight and roll onto your left or right side holding yourself up on one elbow. Hold this position for 30 seconds and do a minimum of two sets. Then proceed with your other side.

There are many variations to the plank, all will work your body hard enough to give you a 6 pack in 6 weeks if done every other day. One great variation is a circuit of the three. Start on both arms and after 30 seconds rotate to one side and proceed with 30 seconds on that side. Then drop back to the middle on both arms for 30 seconds and then on to the other side. That is one set. After 2 sets of that you will be burning. Continue to build on this with either more sets or increasing the time. The goal should be to hit 2 minutes and by that time you will be a pro. Stay tune for more variations and take your fitness All the Way!

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