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Blake Lively Is Unknowingly Eating For Lean

No doubt while shopping you've perused the random entertainment magazines in front of you and seen Blake Lively so cavalierly stating she doesn't work out and remains gorgeously thin. Its that easy for the rich and famous but not for everyone else right? Wrong.

While I don't know how accurate this info is (Blake definitely was put through some different workout routines for her role in Green Lantern and hasn't been returning my calls) she may just be lucky enough to be eating in a way that supports fat burning and maintains lean muscle. Some people just fall into this way of eating because it tastes good and feels natural. We also don't know her whole eating plan. Since I'm still trying to find the time to piece together my promised article on exactly how people keep it together like her without crazy dieting or excessive workouts, I'm not going to attempt to find this info now.

What I will say is the two bits of info we were given, milk and chocolate, are telling in themselves. Both of these are relatively high in fat! Yes, the terror of all things weight loss. Well, this is where conventional wisdom just isn't on track. Thats a big portion of eating that many people have wrong and suffer greatly for with poor results and the urge to kill when they are starving on their diet. If the rest of her diet follows in this manner, as it likely does, she is just lucky enough to be one of those people that has fallen into the zone. Don't worry, we will smash that idea and lay out a simple, tasty, sustainable way of eating that allows for all the things every other diet deems unsavory for results.

Hang in there, its coming!

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