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Mercury Levels Likely Not A Concern For Those That Eat Fish

We hear all the time to limit the intake of fish due to mercury levels but is this really something to avoid? Those in the Mediterranean eat fish regularly and rates of mercury toxicity there don't appear to be of any note.

A new study from the University of Bristol indicates that fish account for only 7% of mercury levels in the body. This is a far cry from toxicity. Given the neurological conditions exacerbated or evoked from mercury toxicity it would seem there is more to it then simply fish. The study itself indicates wine, beer and herbal teas follow fish closely in mercury content and not many people eliminate these completely. Most people tend to drink herbal teas regularly because of their health benefits.

It would be wise to look to other potential sources of mercury beyond just fish. Fish have many health benefits just like herbal teas given their protein, fatty acid and trace mineral content. Simply following trucks spitting out their fumes on the highway seems to increase mercury levels in the blood higher than eating fish a couple times a week.

Like anything else moderation is a good idea but don't remove fish completely from your diet simply because of an unfounded fear that it will always lead to mercury toxicity.

Read the full study from the link below.

Concerns of Mercury Levels in Fish

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