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Weight loss good for the joints and understanding is key

Its no surprise to anyone that weight alone can cause discomfort and lead to a negative attitude. In fact, beginning a simply work out routine with dietary changes can provide relief from a multitude of symptoms. For instance, a client I work with had suffered from knee pain for over a decade. This individual had issues with arthritis that he was on a many medications for. This is a common way to treat symptoms but does very little to address the actual problem. By starting a dietary plan based on more alkaline foods (to avoid acidic overload on the body) he was not only able to work out at a more intense level but saw some of his symptoms alleviate. This is the kind of physical transformation that motivates those who believe they can't accomplish anything to move forward.

This individual continued to progress with a diet that provided more relief, as he knew that this was helping him, and eventually came off all his medications. The diet alone did not provide him the relief or the simple beginnings of an exercise program focused on low impact interval training. A significant reason for his pain reducing was the additional load on his knees had been removed. In the first 8 weeks this individual lost an astounding 40lbs!

Dietary changes and understanding basic body chemistry is necessary for continued correct eating habits but it is not the end all be all of symptom relief. We must incorporate not only lifestyle and exercise changes but the understanding of how and why these changes effect the body in a positive way. Many exercisers don't care and that is fine but he problem with this mentality is their assumptions about what works are not always founded on what is best for them to reach their goals. Because of what people "know" to be true some people exercise straight into serious injury or waste years never reaching any goal they reached for and then proceed to dangerous diets or pharmaceuticals. Spread the word on what works and take it all the way. 

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