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Are you a Fitness type or a "show dog"?

Tampa is a beautiful city to live in and many people love Bayshore because you have a few miles of sidewalk along the bay with exercise equipment and other folks running, riding, rollerblading, etc. Although many people are simply out just to be outside the majority using this walkway do so because it is perfect for cardiovascular exercise. But are these people actually becoming fit or simply one of the "show dogs" that likes to look like they are fitness people?

For instance, today I was out riding a leisurely 5 mile bike ride and saw a man hopping his way down Bayshore. Do not get me wrong, I want everyone off the couch and doing some form of activity so I praise him for that but it literally looked like a painful walk. You have seen the movies w/ the slow motion jog? This was literally the same thing. To be jogging it is required that for a brief instant both feet are of the ground, otherwise you are simply walking as this man was. Preferably I would have liked to see him focus on actually walking a certain distance. Then maybe build up to a quicker pace for intervals of 30 seconds to get the heart rate going until his body was more comfortable with some running. His amazingly put together ensemble consisted of a flashy white head band, sports watch, orange running sneakers and his crisply ironed looking under Armour gear had him screaming "this is my first time out here." That's the first type of person that I applaud for starting a routine but can almost guarantee will have all that nice new gear laying in the closet in the near future. Is that fitness or is that a show dog?

I've see this other specimen daily either in the gym or in the "wild" as I call it. This species actively attends the gym, runs and enjoys simply standing around with his shirt off. Don't get me wrong, we are all putting in the time for not only our health but our vain personal gains, we all understand that the end product is one of the biggest driving forces to continue exercising but this guy takes it to a whole other level. You can spot him a mile away. Usually he is in relatively good shape but you can tell he still enjoys to much of the fast life because he really doesn't want to give it a complete go at dropping that last bit of spare tire. Still, he is out there doing it so its good to see. But when you see this individual grooving a little to hard to his music, dancing, singing a bit loud like everyone is watching him and doing the little hippity hop dance in between sets or when stopping for a drink it becomes a bit much. He's also the loudest guy you are gonna meet. Either a grunter or a loud breather or a yeller or a singer he is attempting to gain your gaze pretending to be aloof. He may have on really short shorts, a way low cut tank top (he never wears a shirt w/ sleeves) and he makes sure you are aware of him. Is that fitness or a show dog?

My point? I really don't have one this time. As long as you're out there doing something and you commit to it and keep going, kudos! Really the majority of us that consider ourselves fitness people would just like to be left alone while we exercise. If your a show dog with either all your flashy gear or your need for attention become aware of your situation. You don't need the flashiest or latest gadget or gear to get results. Most heavy lifters wear simple converse for gods sake. I have shorts from high school still. You also don't need to dance around and sing like a fool for us to know you're at the gym and you're working as hard as you can, we see you there, we are happy you are happy. Show dogs everywhere, we try hard not to see you but we acknowledge your presence so you can stop overselling. Thanks!

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