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Drop the political correctness, you're FAT!!! Lets deal with it.

We teach everyone that addictive conditions can not be corrected until you admit you have a problem. Eating and health are no different. Lets stop being polite and get to the nitty gritty everyone, if your fat then I’m gonna tell you. There is no point in my sugar coating this issue. Is it harsh? Sure. Do some people respond very negatively to this? yes. Do I handle certain cases differently? Sure. But here’s the kicker, I don’t sugar coat it for any clients. If you someone to tell you how great you are and how your smallest effort is having huge results and your great and your wonderful and you’re the best then go talk to you Mom.

This part of the problem with America today. We are all entitled to believe that we are the best even when we are killing ourselves. Do I change how I handle different clients depending on how I think they will respond to this criticism? Yes I do. In most instances it is really more of a joke then a rude comment but the point I am trying to make to them is that we should not ignore the obvious situation we are trying to resolve. The elephant in the room is visceral fat and we should acknowledge it so we can get to correcting it instead of dancing around it for weeks or months. I have greater success dealing with people this way then by treating them like children. People need to hear the truth about themselves no matter how difficult it is to hear, this is called honesty and when handled in the correct fashion can make people stronger faster than catering to they sensitive side. Let others deal with let, let them hate me for the first few weeks until we achieve results other trainers just don’t provide. Ive had more thankful clients with this approach then previous approaches.

Visceral fat is a sure indication of overall health so why dance around that? Lets get you on the road to health quickly and not waste any time. In this manner you won’t have time to think if you want to do this, you will already be doing it. Whether you are carrying a Honda tire or MAC truck tire around your waist the health implications are the same. High blood pressure, hypertension, atherosclerosis, angina, arrythmias, diabetes, fibromyalgia, COPD, heart attacks, these are all conditions associated with excessive waist specifically because those that are fat tend to lead very poor health and dietary lives.

What do I want from you? To get moving. Start on an exercise program, join a gym, start walking, buy organic, cook your own food every other day, build up to doing what we all know works which is eating food you prepare yourself and exercising daily. This will lead not only to a more positive outlook and ability to maintain what you achieve but also physical results that will improve overall health. Follow this blog, follow our links and get started. Whatever you do to begin this next step in your life just make sure you take it All The Way!

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