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Get Smaller to Get Bigger

Fitness fans! For the guys and girls that want to get bigger but are having problems consider this...

Getting smaller to get bigger is a true statement for those that want to look bigger but think they have to lift massive weights or eat 10lbs of protein a day to become lean and gain a lot of muscle. Truth be told one of the ways you actually obtain the look of “size” is by losing weight. When weight is lost properly it lowers body fat percentage but maintains and builds lean muscle mass. By doing this you obtain the perception of a larger body while still losing total weight. Follow these 3 simple rules to reach your goals.

Rule 1:

Maker certain you are losing weight properly. Starving yourself will not achieve lasting results. What you need is a meal plan that you can stick to, that is realistic and tastes good. Start with small changes. Increase the amount of veggies on your plate during the day and evening while reducing simple carbs like bread and pasta. Reduce the amount of juice and soft drinks while introducing more water. The more gradual the changes the more likely you will be able to maintain them and not only reach your goals but maintain them.

Rule 2:

Don’t focus on exercise that target only one muscle group. Cross training is not only mor exciting, which will allow more variation and therefore reduce boredom with training but it also can accomplish more bang for your buck. Try compound exercises such as squats, dead lifts, bench/push ups, pull ups/chin ups and core work outs. There are a million variations in theses. You can burn fat, build muscle but stay lean all while looking larger.

Rule 3:

Stay consistent. People tend to lose focus when the results fade. This is natural and easy to overcome by following rule 1 and 2. Consistency is the key to any weight loss lean muscle gain program. If you can continue with a program you establish for 21 days then it will become a habit you can continue going forward.

Those 3 rules will govern the majority of all lean muscle weight loss programs to help you lose weight and look larger. This is obviously geared for the guys and girls that want to look larger. For those just looking to slim down this same 3 rule plan will also work, just avoid heavy lifting to really increase size and focus on correct form with higher repetitions. There is of course always the Arnold route but of course that requires the use of illegal anabolic steroids so I don’t condone that as part of a natural program.

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