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Get Organic food and products at a significantly reduced price.

So you want to eat Organic but you can't afford to survive off of the outrageous prices at your local grocer? I understand. Many companies have jumped at the chance to charge a significant premium on Organic products and this is unfair to the health concious consumer.

Enter The Green Polka Dot Box. This is a great idea and I don't know why a company didn't take advantage of this sooner. Becoming a GIANT "buying collective" by enrolling members across the country will provide this company with huge buying power. Smaller overhead will allow them to be able to offer Organic and Natural products at a significantly reduced price, they claim by up to 60%! This comany is brand new and is planning for a launch very soon. They are already working with hundreds of organic producers to be able to meet the demands of their members.

Visit their site and read up on their mission. They keep their overhead lower by charging annual memberships, just like Costco or Sams club. They are giving away free memberships currently to build their client base and buying power but that won't last long. Save yourself some money and try a new idea by going to their site and joining now. A free year of Organic food and health products at a 60% discount is a hell of a thing to pass up.

They are able to ship to any zip code in America and I assume this will be overnight deliverys based on requirements for food. It is not only food they carry though. Their category selections include food, personal care, household, baby, pet, supplements, homeopathic and garden products.

With a free year trial I don't see why anyone would pass up the chance to be involved with this new venture. The ability to complete Organic shopping from home with 60% savings could make 100% Organic living possible for those that can't currently afford it. Great idea!

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