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Salt Blocks for Kitchen Use

We have discussed the importance of salt in other sections of this site. It is important for many bodily functions and is something the human body can not survive with out. The current low salt diet fad is actually terrible for the body and causes quite a bit of longer term health problems. I never advocate eating more table salt as this is what causes adverse health problems. Table salt is toxic garbage to the body, which will increase blood pressure and risk of heart disease, atherosclerosis, etc. Sea salt that is truly harvested naturally like Celtic sea salt and Himalayan sea salt is actually quite good for health, lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart related issues and provides a plethora of other health benefits due to the 80-90 trace minerals it contains and the body desperately needs. Not only that but it puts taste back into your food! You weren't meant to go without salt in your diet. Its unnatural, its unhealthy, don't listen to anyone that says otherwise. Your body has one pound of salt in it and it needs to be replentished constantly.

Salt blocks are a great salt product to add to any kitchen. Not only do they provide really great taste to food but they help reduce some clutter in your kitchen. The Himalayan Salt block is literally a slab of pure salt that you can cook on, cut meat or veggies on, whatever. It has been tested at temps as low as 0-900 degrees F with no problems due to its low moisture content. It provides a mild taste so you can still dose your food with salt. The Meadow sells some of the better salt blocks, see below.

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Healthline just published a visualization of your daily value of sodium. In the chart, you can see what half of your DV of salt looks like for 30 foods: http://www.healthline.com/health/high-blood-pressure-hypertension/daily-value-sodium

This is very valuable content as it puts nutrition information into perspective and helps a person understand how much sodium is actually in their food. I thought this would be of interest to your audience and wanted to see if you would include this as a resource on your page: http://www.allthewayfitness.com/p/links.html

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