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Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight

We love books. We especially love books about nutrition that expose aspects of health with broad sweeping consquences like Wheat Belly.

This is the story of wheats transformation from an edible grain to a genetic mutation unfit for human consumption.

Dr Davis is a cardiologist from Milwaukee who was searching for a better way to help his patients. He was uncomfortable giving diet advice while he himself looked like a beached whale. He dug deep and found disturbing information concerning wheat in todays culture and is astounding effect on human health.

This book will blow your mind on something that is working against your health on many fronts. Eating right but gaining weight? This could be part of your problem. Work out like crazy but still putting on the pounds? Wheat may be holding you back. Consuming handfuls of pharmaceuticals to address a myriad of "age related" diseases and autoimmune problems with no answers? Wheat may have broken your insides down.

We did a review on this book earlier that you can find here.

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