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An Exercise To Be Functional In Winter

All my family and friends in CT must be loving the recent storm that blew through in October! Many are without power and I am sure the towns were not ready for plowing. Worst yet is there will be people out shoveling that are not prepared to do this time of work. Every year thousands of people suffer debilitating back injuries due to shoveling. Shoveling is an intense exercise unless you are doing a very small area. It is a total body work out and many have dropped dead from having to do this work without being in the shape to handle it. Here is a great exercise from our friends at Mountain Athlete that will prepare you for winters most brutal snow storms. Its called the virtual shovel and done correctly it will help build a very strong core. You don't need the weights to make this exercise work. Simply grab a shovel and load it up with a few books or tools, tape it down if you have to and have at it. Just make certain you aren't rounding your back and this will prepare you for the winter wonderland every one enjoys so much.

Don't forget that an ergonomic shovel is the best way to go when out shoveling. These shovels assist with proper body mechanics. 

Here is another great option from Snow Wolf which may work well for lighter snow.

Or if you are a lazy SOB you could always just go this route and avoid exercise all together although I still recommend the virtual shovel exercise.

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