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Organic Produce Delivered To Your Door!

I updated every one on The Green Polka Dot Box launch a week or so ago. I just wanted to provide more insight.

This company is the Sams club of the organic world. It will be the Whole Foods of the internet. It is gearing to end up on NASDAQ by mid-February and is doing increasingly well in its first few weeks, which means people are responding to it.

One question I wanted to make readers aware of was whether or not this is simply local. This is a company that ships to all US states, it is not a local buying group. This means that your have the purchasing power of thousands instead of a small group. This also means cheaper prices! You can finally obtain organic products at up to 60% off!

Second question. Yes, they realize that 800+ natural and organic products is not enough. They are actively working to add more weekly and estimate an addition of 200+ products by next week and hopefully continuing on this weekly addition by similar numbers. People want organic, clean food and with the response they are getting right off the bat I think we will see only more products and services in the future.

The most exciting part is their Harvest to Home program should be launching in the first quarter of next year. This is a big deal and is great that they are on target to launch it so quickly. This will be the first time you can order organic produce that will be shipped directly to your door! Forget having to work with a local farm or get only a small, select amount of produce from a co-op. You will now be able to purchase any organic product and have it delievered to you. With the prices this low many people will be able to eat organic that simply couldn't afford it before.

I am very excited about this because I try to get all my clients to eat organic. Its better in every way compared to conventional foods and my clients bodies can attest to that.

Check it out, sign up and get started eating the All The Way Fit way.

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