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Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements; Bypass Your Middle Man Doctor

These days optimal health is expensive. People have a hard enough time paying for a Doctors visit in general let alone the after care needed to reach full health. In general this tends to include: follow up appointments with your GP, follow up care with specialists, special dietary changes, exercise and life changes, and the coup de gras, the supplements! The list after a visit can be as long as a grocery list and cost more than the visit itself. Best of all these supplements generally need to be taken over a long period of time, if not indefinitely, in order to induce a change and correct any dysfunction. You break the bank and put your Doctors kid through college in the process. 

This is a lot for anyone living day to day, pay check to pay check. Its a lot even for someone doing relatively well as it will drain your resolve to continue on your path to wellness as well as your bank account. AlltheWayFitness now provides these very same Pharmaceutical Grade supplements as low as wholesale prices to Doctors offices. 

What do people do then? Opt for the cheapest supplements they can obtain of course. Usually everyone buys what the Doctor is selling but then finds the alternatives in a supplement store sold by some kid who can barely mange his life let alone provide advice on what you actually should be purchasing. Its very likely his info has come from a TV doctor show, some random magazine article or something someone told him who looked healthy. These people are not qualified to give this advice. 

This doesn't matter to you anyway because you are there with a plan. You have your Doctors supplement regiment to get you healthy. Now all you need is the cheap equivalent. Problem solved. 

Problem is, most of these alternatives are just straight garbage. They are using fillers for their products and going skimpy on the active ingredients necessary to make you well. They also may have active ingredients that simply aren't up to par in terms of being able to provide the best outcome. Or worst yet, there are actually harmful chemicals either in the makeup or the processing that may not hinder the resolution of your condition but create a new one all together. 

Great, so I'm stuck paying big bucks and breaking the bank? No. The goods news is that all of these Pharmaceutical Grade supplements are available right here at AlltheWayFitness at prices as low as the wholesale price your Doctors office acquires theirs for. 

I understand Doctors need to make a profit and a large portion of that comes from their sale of nutraceuticals but all of these products are sold for 100% the wholesale price! This is recommended by the name brands to keep prices level in the field. Nothing wrong with this. At the end of the day, you as a patient, have to decide if you feel its worth paying your Doctor the extra money plus your travel to their office every time you need to pick up another supplement. 

AlltheWayFitness now has an online store that sells all of these very same supplements for at or near wholesale cost. Either click here or click on the Nutritional Supplements tab at the top of AlltheWayFitness. These are delivered directly to your door saving you the travel and trouble of paying double the cost. Plus these are the same Pharmaceutical Grade supplements that are in your Doctors office so you don't have to worry about quality or effectiveness. 

The Pharmaceutical Grade supplements most commonly used by knowledgeable physicians today are located at the top of the categories list but there is a nutritional supplements category below them for those wishing to search more generalized products or other Pharmaceutical Grade supplement brands not shown. 

Save yourself the trouble, save yourself the cost. Simply search for the very same Pharmaceutical Grade supplements here and receive them at your door. 

DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is for educational purposes only and not to be utilized in place of a Doctors care. Make certain you discuss any changes in diet or supplemental intake with your physician if you are currently seeing them for any condition or suffer from a longstanding condition. 

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