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I see many people spending hours in the gym without making any significant progress. I see others who spend hours counting calories but only a few minutes doing any physical activity. I see many people work out harder then myself who then step into a pizza shop or grab a coke or candy bar; what is that about?!?! In reality it is of course necessary to combine both healthy eating with exercise in order to shape ones body and maintain any physical state but there is something all those gym rats and weekend warriors may not realize. YOUR DIET WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR 80-90% OF YOUR RESULTS!!!

Thats right, unless you are a superstar athlete whos sole purpose is to work out daily then most likely you are not burning the 5,000 - 10,000 calories a day necessary to handle the caloric intake of todays fast food and huge portions. Michael Phelps indicates he eats whatever he feels like upwards of 10,000 calories a day but he is in the pool and training daily while the rest of civilization works the 9-5 gig. Imagine the increased superiority he could attain if he focused solely on an organic diet based largely on fruits and vegetables with moderate amounts of meat or plant protein rich foods. He could potentially be more of a superman then he already is!

No one is perfect and everyone could be better, even superstar athletes. Day to day you can make the choices to correct your life and therefore attain your goals. One day of bad eating will not ruin your life as long as you realize that you can change course at the next meal. Habits become hard to break and using the last meal to rationalize continued poor eating is a slippery slope. The one area of your life that you have total control over is your diet. You decide what you eat, when and how much. Your physical results will largely be dictated by what you are consuming and then will be amplified by the quality and consistency of your selecting work outs. The age old adage, "you are what you eat" is possibly one of the greatest truths of them all.

Hit your work out today and take it All the Way! Enjoy.

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