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Pain participating in outdoor fitness: Elliptigo to the rescue!

Anyone who has suffered a knee injury, back injury, hip injury or who is simply plagued by ongoing pain issues while exercising outside of a controlled environment like the gym understands how deflating that can be for staying active. Outside of an overall healthy diet that can promote wellness and healing there are options for activities that don’t require pounding the pavement.

For instance, the Elliptigo is a cross training device that sprang to life due to one mans inability to continue running at the ripe age of 32 because of knee and hip injuries. In his consideration to return to cycling he realized he did not wish to be in an uncomfortable saddle. The pain free use of the Elliptical in the gym allowed him to continue his physical fitness pursuits but left much to be desired in terms of scenery and inspiration to perform. The idea for the Elliptigo was born!

5 years later the company has refined the Elliptigo and as of February 2010 has been selling the Elliptigo to a growing fan base. The Elliptigo boast speeds of up to 25mph providing eight gears, is quite stable and is excellent for climbing hills. Most importantly, if you are suffering from knee, hip or back problems that prevent you from running, riding or other physical pursuits, the Eelliptigo might provide you with a return path to outdoor physical fitness.

I have not had the pleasure of riding one yet but plan to give it a shot in the future as I have had my own knee and back issues. Once I do I will make sure to do a little synopsis on how the Elliptigo performs and maybe provide some video feedback.

The Elliptigo is priced the same as a quality road/mountain bike at approximately $2,199.00 and has a stand for sale for $394.99 for stationary training. The Elliptigo can be purchased online or at local retailers that can be found on their website, http://www.elliptigo.com/.

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