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Believe me, it tastes good.

People often ask me how I eat like I do, like its some huge sacrifice. Yes, I avoid wheat products, sodas, most desserts, most pizzas, most fancy restaurants claiming the best foods, all fast food, most fried foods and many more that people eat ignorantly. I do this not so you can ask me why I would subject myself to this like its some life long obsession of survivor I have carried over into my life but because I feel better and I know its good for me. On top of it all once you free yourself from an over sugared diet and eat real whole foods a strange thing happens; you realize how damn good it tastes and wonder why you never like it before!

When others tell me they wake up feeling fatigued with brain fog, stomach pains, gas, constipation, nausea, depressed with all these feelings of malaise through out the entire day it baffles me that they simply assume this is normal. Most of them attempt to alleviate these feelings with toxic pharmaceuticals that only add to their problems. They are simply following the orders of their ignorant Drs who are only taught about pathogens and disease and what pills to give for them but know nothing about real health or preventitive medicine.

Do you know what else feels good? Heroin, alcohol, cigarettes and a laundry list of other illegal substances many of which have been proven to have terrible health effects that we all recognize as wasting the body and destroying ones self. So why do these same people who know these things about these drugs gorge themselves on foods that are barely food and contain chemical compounds with strikingly similar compounds as these terrible drugs?

The answer is because they don't care to know. Just like a heroin addict doesn't care what you think about his addiction these people eating an entire pizza with hot wings, garlic bread, 6 beers and a brownie with ice cream for every meal doen't care what you think. They are happy in their ignorance and simply assume these terribly daily feelings they have are part of life and a pill will resolve it.

Its sad but thats how it goes. People reading this blog and speaking the gospel are the minority in todays world. We have a duty to continue to make people aware of what is happening with their food because like a heroin addict they come to appreciate the effort when they do come around. Otherwise they end up the same place addicts do, 6 feet under. Just because the results aren't as immediate and you are being told otherwise by "authorities" doesn't mean the heart attack you have at 40 is normal. Seems like a pretty immediate result of your diet to me.

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