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If only...

If only we could all be carved out of stone.

Im going to be honest here. I don't have a washboard 6 pack! These dang statues make it look so easy like every Roman was a ripped 10 foot tall hercules. I don't have a hard core 6 pack, nor do I try to have one. These look great on camera and every one is envious but I will tell you what most others won't. A 6 pack of this caliber is not obtained easily and no matter what someone with one has it comes at a cost. (I will exclued the 1% with the freak genes that really do somehow skate by with these abs, you can hate them all you want)

1. It takes more than a 20 minute session 2-3 times a week at the gym to sculpt this area. Men and women sporting abs like these are working tirelessly to maintain them. They are doing ab strengthening exercises constantly at the gym, at home in front of their TV, in between meals, in their sleep on their bed, its crazy!

2. The diet has to be tight! Your diet is going to determine 90% of your results as it is. If you want to have a washboard stomach like these then be prepared to starve yourself. You can't indulge on cake on friday night unless its just one bite. Everyone has abs, you just need to get below 8% body fat to see them like this and truth be told you are playing with some fire letting your body fat get to low. How low is too low? It depends who you ask but body fat is essential for many metabolic functions. No one can live at zero percent body fat (if thats even possible). Those men and women at bodybuilding shows didn't just get done eating a steak dinner to make those muscles pop. They spent the last 24 hours starving themselves of food and water. Then to add insult to injury they throw down mass amounts of potassium to suck the water out of the cells even further. Culture has you believing that is a picture of perfect health but that is far from accurate.

Being lean is great and attractive. Some like people plump, some like them juicy, some like them fat with a side of potatos, wait, what are we talking about? What I am trying to say is don't waste your entire life worrying if your 20% body fat would be better at 15%. Eat right, exercise daily and you will be at your correct weight and look good at the same time. Don't starve yourself because you think you will look better, its just stupid. Vanity is for the weak minded.

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