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Green drinks can work wonders and they don't have to taste awful

Ok, I admit I have had some terrible green drinks in my day. I am not talking about the pre-made powders but making green drinks from scratch in my vitamix. I am not know for my ability to pick what tastes good together or what matches when I get dressed. I can whip your butt into shape though and green drinks can assist you greatly in attaining your goals.


Everyone needs at minimum 5 servings of both fruits and veggies a day. The majority of Americans, even those that appear healthy, do not get anywhere near this amount. A green drink can provide this entire amount of fruits and veggies in one serving!


The Vitamix was invented for everyone that wanted to blend anything they could find into liquid. It will make anything from drinks to puddings to even bread. I mostly use it for smoothies but its many uses shows not only how well thought out it is but how powerful it is to be able to tackle all these jobs. While doing this some argue you can lose some of the nutrients due to the speed and heating of the liquid (it can get hot if on high for too long). While this is true it is better then not getting this many greens at all. You get 0% of the greens you don't eat after all.

Another great way are juicers. I own and love the Omega Vert. It takes a bit more time to use and clean then the Vitamix but it is the fastest on the market to use and clean. It is also the quietest and best yet; it uses an auger that rotates at less than 80RPM so you don't lose nutrients to fast speed and temperature. You do however lose fiber because the juicer produces just the juice from the foods and leaves the fibers.

Use both of these together to create some amazing drinks with health properties beyond what vitamins and supplements offer. Always use organic produce as studies have shown they do have a greater amount of antioxidants, vitamins and trace minerals.


You can never have too much. Fruits and veggies are a health staple and eating more of them will only provide your body with more of what it needs. Don't be someone that runs but hasn't had a bowel movement in 3 days, thats not healthy. Don't tell everyone not to drink soda but have fatigue yourself because you are lacking vitamins and minerals, thats not healthy. Don't yell at your Mom cause she still eats fast food and then go out and pound 10 beers, thats not healthy.

You constantly need to replentish your body with the nutrients it needs to function daily. In todays toxic world these nutrients are harder and harder to come by and we learn every day that the population is more deficient in vitamins and minerals. Adding green drinks to your reptoire will save you a lot of health woes and help create a lean, mean work out machine. Below is a great book on green drinks made easy for dummies who can't combine foods that taste good. Enjoy!

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Green drink said...

Personally, I don’t mind the taste of green drink mixed just with water. I feel that the benefits far outweigh any taste issues for me, but I know that this might not be the case with everyone.