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You need B vitamins stupid for energy plus other stuff

Feeling tired? Sick of seeing all those commercials for those silly B vitamin shots at your gas station? There are better ways to get that nutrient with additional minerals and needed protein without drinking whatever is in those little drinks.

Lets be honest, those things are likely bad in one way or another so what are your options?
1. you could eat a ton of dairy, beef and eggs but then you have to deal with all the added calories and we all know the argument concerning increased protein plus the issues with todays standard dairy products.
2. you could take a plethora of synthetic or even natural supplements and pills but then you are sucking down more pills every day along with all your shakes and current pills and it feels like your eating more pills every day then real food.
3. you could discover nutrional yeast and what it can really do for you.

What is nutrional yeast? Yeast has been used as far back as the Egyptians when its ability to create beer and bread was discovered. The species of yeast is known as Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and although it is still used to create beer and breads nutrional yeast is cultivated differently creating an impressive nutritional profile.

Nutrional yeast is not a raw food unfortuantely. It has to be pasteurized and dried in order to bring out many of its beneficial properties but once this is completed it has a nutty/cheesy flavor making it great as a condiment for other foods. Throw it on your popcorn w/ some oil and you have cheesy popcorn. Throw it on your pasta for a change from parmesan. Its uses are endless. Best of all it has all the B-complex vitamins if you buy from a company like Bobs Red Mill that adds B12.

Why do you care about these B vitamins? Below are just a fraction of its benefits.

Supports and increase the rate of metabolism (lose more weight)
Maintains healthy skin, hair and muscle tone (look better)
Enhances immune and nervous system function (be healthier)
Promote cell growth and division, including that of the red blood cells that help prevent anemia (more health at the cellular level)
Reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer - one of the most lethal forms of cancer - when consumed in food, but not when ingested in vitamin tablet form. (reduces cancer and there are more studies indicating this is true for other cancers)

plus many, many more. The take away is that nurtitional yeast is very good for you and can increase energy and metabolism. It also contains 15 trace minerals including chromium plus 6 grams of protein per 1/4 cup and 3 grams of dietary fiber. It is low in fat and sodium so it is win win as an addition to your diet. It is gluten free and does not increase your risk of Candida Albicans. Only sugar feeds that form of yeast and additional yeast in the form of nutrional yeast will not create the problem of Candida nor exasperate it.

If you want to get serious about weight loss and exercise you have to clean up your diet and have the energy to actually exercise. Nutrional yeast is an easy condiment addition to any kitchen that has a nutritional profile that is as good as it tastes. Add this to your diet and exeriment with it in soups, pastas, pizzas and even smoothies and above all remember to take your work out All The Way.

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