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"Natural" label doesn't mean healthy foods. Whats really in them....?

Lots of people assume shopping for "Natural" foods means they are free of herbicides, pesticides and other contaminants like GMOs (genetically modified organisms). It appears that this assumption is way off. The Cornucopia Insititute (www.Cronucopia.org) is unleashing a new investigation that will shock many readers. Many of these "natural" brands contain high levels of GMOs and toxic chemical pesticides.

The Cornucopia Institute tested breakfast cereals and you can read their results here.
  • Kashi brand cereals had "high levels" og GMOs. Naturalnews.com reported that 100% of the soy in tested boxes were genetically engineered soy.
  • Mothers brand contained 28% GMO corn.
  • Whole foods 365 brand Corn Flakes contained 50% GMO corn.
  • Barbaras Bakery Puffins cereal contained 50% GMO corn.
Plus many more....

You can read the full expose in further detail by Naturalnews here.

Why is this imporant? With out going into a 10 page laundry list almost everyone now understands that GMO products disrupt the bodies natural homeostasis. Organs fail, degenerative health issues arise and overall health drops. The ingestion of toxic chemicals in these processed foods increases the likelyhood of cancer and other illnesses. Eat organic and look for products that are only organic and are certified non-GMO. Do this any you will be sure to avoid health pitfalls later in life. Vote with your dollars and buy organic.

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