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Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving!

I am going to be switching things up in the future. I had been focusing on low carb meals and information in order to help readers with weight loss and a caloric defecit. This has been targeted at those with severe weight issues as a way to drop pounds and increase insulin sensitivity. It should not be a surprise that low carb diets reduce weight. A lot of the reasons for this is simply a reduction in calories and better eating choices by removing high glycemic carbs and processed foods.

I will still post info time and again concerning low carb recipes and new information but this is not a low carb diet site. The intent of this site is to increase weight loss, increase lean body mass and improve health, all at the same time. Many sites target parts of the three, either presenting health info, lean body gains, or fat loss. Some even incorporate two of the three but very few blend all three. This is because you can couple any two of the three rather easily but encompassing all three requires more time and research to obtain the correct information. The sad fact is that optimal health actually plays a huge role in reducing fat and building muscle and many people get stuck in their fat loss/muscle goals because they don't receive the help and information they need. Lucky for them we will be addressing these issues to assist everyone hitting this wall so they can reach their goals.  

From this point forward we will be on a journey to bring all of those three topics under one roof. Articles may become less frequent simply because the time to obtain all this information and process it into usable and understandable articles will require more time but the end result will provide everything needed to obtain weight loss, muscle gain and health with the least amount of nonsense. Lets get started!

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