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Green Polka Dot Box Launches!

Anyone who follows this site knows that I am a huge proponent of healthy, organic living. It is no surprise that your fitness results will be largely determined by your diet and anyone who reads my work knows that. Diet will be responsible for 80-90% of your body image results regardless of your workout plan. This is why you see the same people in the gym showing little or no visible results over time, they have never corrected their diet.

With that said today is a big day. THE GREEN POLKA DOT BOX HAS LAUNCHED! This new company is hot and ready to make headlines. The GPDB is a company that is an online buyers club offering healthy (mostly organic) products direct to consumers. It functions the same as a Sams or Costcos by removing the middle man and requiring a small fee to join. By paying a small annual fee you are lowering their overhead costs so that you can buy these organic products at a discounted price direct from producers. Basically you get Whole Foods products at up to 60% off! They have indicated they will have fresh produce direct from organic farms coming in 2012!

Now this is a big deal. Most people do not eat organic because it is too expensive but now these same people can obtain organic products at a fraction of the cost, maybe even cheaper than conventional foods. Not only are these products up to 60% off but shipping is free if the order is over $150. With many of these products at prices below Whole Foods prices you can see how these savings can actually reduce the cost of your groceries while allowing you to eat better. Organic foods are far superior to conventional foods not only in nutritional content but also because they do not have any chemicals that will disrupt your fitness goals.

The Green Polka Dot Box provides Non-GMO products that are all natural, already certified organic or in the process of being certified organic. They are being assisted by numerous other big name health sites such as NaturalNews, Organic Consumers Association, and The Institute for Responsible Technology among many others.

There are many different reward programs and membership plans so visit their site by clicking here and get started on your fitness goals by eating better at costs more reasonable to your wallet. Note: this is not an MLM, it is an online buyers club.

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