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Walking Is Dead

Apparently even walking has become too tough for some people, thank god for todays motorized shoes. Although walking is not considered exercise in many circles it does actually have merit in weight loss. Consider that energy expenditure of walking varies by mass and speed and you can assume that an average adult weighing 160lbs and walking a modest 3-3.5mph will burn 4-5 calories a minute. Therefore a brisk walk for 30 minutes will yield 150 calories burned. Thats not bad when accompanied by a dietary calorie deficit as it will speed weight loss.

Many people ignore this insight simply because they feel running is the only true way to lose weight but running also tends to increase appetite and thereby calorie consumption. Instead of running at 7mph and increasing energy expenditure to 300 calories in 30 minutes along with your appetite why not just walk for an hour?

Anyway, its a sad day when motorized shoes eliminate yet another way people can get out and get some exercise but thats apparently how our obese society wants it.

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