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Push Up Variation, Get More From Your Work Out

We have been neglecting exercises here but no more! Lets get back to basics. Being strong, durable and all around fit requires more than bulging muscles. A foundation of strength and correct form has to be created before building upon it. If you know someone who has shown up the first day at the gym and attempted to squat or bench press double their body weight you know a moron.

Most people have incorrect body mechanics to begin with. These problems are caused by habit, whether sitting all day at a desk job or simply being lazy. The body will always attempt to relax and be at rest, this is natural but in the process the body skirts its correct mechanical function and this creates problems. We will discuss this more in the future, in the mean time lets make certain we are at least building strenght correctly.

The Pushup Ladder. Nothing new here but this exercise will build muscle and strength in the entire upper body.

  • Get in push up position, hands under shoulders approximately shoulder width apart or a bit wider.
  • Lower your self to the floor to the point where you would touch a balled fist with your chest. This is your starting position.
  • Push yourself up quickly and drop back to the floor. You have just done one rep. While holding yourself the one fist length off the ground count to one. This is your rest period and it will be as many seconds as the number of pushups you are currently at.
  • Push up again, drop, back up and drop. You have just done 2 reps and now count to two seconds for your rest.
  • Continue this progression for as many pushups and rest periods as you can.
This is a bit different than normal pushups because you are starting in a lowered position. By doing this and resting on the down phase you are also strengthing your core by providing a plank position. Excellent exercise for total upper body strenght. Just make certain you are squeezing your glutes (your butt) as you are doing this exercise. This will engage the lower abs and make certain you are working the core. If your hips are falling and touching the floor or simply not in line with your body then you are not in correct form and you should stop the exercise. Do this every other day to build proper upper body strength.

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